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West Ave

Northeast SA

13444 West Ave #200
San Antonio, TX 78216
Mon – Thur, Sundays 11-10pm
Fri and Sat 11-11pm
12234 Nacogdoches
San Antonio, TX 78217
Mon – Thur, Sundays 11-10pm
Fri and Sat 11-11pm

Best Drinks

The Original, Poprocks, El Caliente, Dos-a-Rita, and, seriously, have you tried The Chingaso!? You…are…getting…thirsty…

Homemade Tortillas

Just like Abuelita used to make…only with high-end-stainless-steel-aerospace-engineered machines…

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When taste is on the line, there is no compromising quality. Come in and see for yourself!

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It’s like holding heaven in your hands! Young Child

Habaneros Consumer

Best burritos I’ve had anywhere. Period. The freshly made from scratch tortillas put it over the top. Jeff B.

Happy Eater

This restaurant is what I was looking for when I came to Texas. Huge portions, freaking delicious, and the service was top notch too. Niccoli Z.

New To Texas

Now not only was my burrito out of this world but, they have margaritas too!! Olive G.

Proud Patron